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Operating Systems (linux) I like to use:
http://www.debian.org / Really fine :)
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org / build your Linux-OS yourself
http://www.zimbu.org/ / Extremely awesome programming language
http://www.gentoo.org / build yourself..., but about automatically

Politics or so:

Pope Queen State Criminal-Tango
Int. Tribunal into Crimes of State and Church
Für alle Arten von Analysen/Berichte Verkauf/Webseiten etc. Sehr Kosten-effizient!
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) Commentary on Universal Declaration of Human
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c): A-Man-Zon.com: The Truth Be Told - (.pdf e-book)
SeETL Emailer Newsleter/Email programm
Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) Youtube Channel
http://www.cyon.ch / Empfehlenswerter Hosting-Provider
E-Zigaretten - VIEL gesündere Art zu rauchen
http://www.informatikschule.com Informatik-Schule Chur
http://www.calmar.ws/cat.wmv / catties
http://www.ghisler.com (reiserfs-plugin) / access reiserfs, ext2, ext3 from M$ Win
http://www.link-gr.ch / (German) Buendner Suchmaschiene

R.I.P. Kaetzli aka `Matschutschli'
(unknown - 5.4.2004)

Kaetzli aka 'Tschutschli'
mac@calmar.ws (GnuPG Key)
(gpg --recv-keys 0x59D90F4D)
vim on fireaap - automating task's map
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