Calmar's Fvwm Stuff

Fvwm is a highly configurable ('I did it my way') Window-Manager. But be prepared it will take some time reading man pages and/or asking on the Mailing Lists or on #fvwm (freenode), until you have your special for your needs suited Fvwm-Window Manager.

You can e.g. use prebuild configurations and tweak them for your needs. Most people begin with taviso's .fvwm2rc (on buttons) file with many very sophisticated things in it. Or you may want to begin tweaking on the well documented .fvwm2rc file from Thomas Adam, what is easier, because he seems to be (very) happy with the default fvwm look and feel (I'm mostly too btw). However, once you have your basic configuration, you can still 'borrow' things later from wherever you see stuff you like. You might also want to read Jaimos's Beginner's Guide.

You have also the option to use one of the fvwm-themes, even so it might not be so easy to tweak them later, when you're new to fvwm. When you want to check out the themes, download them from here and put in your ~/.xinitrc an entry like: exec /usr/local/bin/fvwm-themes-start .

My personal system of handling windows is as follows according to this and that ('xev' provides the key-names) part of the .fvwm2rc file:

*) I reserved two special keys for the window manager handling. I will call them 'fvwm-keys'. That is the 'M$-Windows' key + plus the right control key. The function of the control key, I put on the key left to it (xkeycaps utility), in order to reach it properly (both ctrl-keys have the same distance from the center of the keyboard with this setup).

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